Suggestions for selling an old Sunfish and trailer


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I would like to get some suggestions on what this sailboat is worth with the trailer. I've owned the boat for 25 years. I believe it is pre-1970 vintage, the bailer and deck hatch were added. The trailer was made by MagLine in Michigan, with galvanized steel inside and out tubing.
Thanks for any insight.


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Maybe something around $1500 or a bit less. The trailer is probably worth a few hundred bucks on its own. The boat looks nice for her age but is older, and a brand new Sunfish is around $6k: Sunfish Sailboat Configuration . S/N comes back to 1968

Look on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and see what similar boats are going for. "Sunfish, older, decent, complete, functional" is usually around $1k plus or minus a couple hundred, in my area, from what I've seen.
If the boat is not waterlogged and the trailer is roadworthy, you may get $1,500. If the boat is waterlogged (bare hull over 150 lbs.) you can expect less, say $1,250 or thereabouts.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
Yes, geography and local market conditions are important. With a few exceptions, the majority of Sunfish activity is east of the Mississippi and Sunfish in this market tend to sell at higher prices than west of the Big Muddy. In my experience in New York State, the peak selling season (with highest prices) is April to August

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
Trailers are expensive now, and hard to find in a good size that fits the boat. We'd easily get $2000 for that when we were in NW Florida, but there are more boats up North, so $1500 is a good starting point,
Your Sunfish is a 1968 and looks to be in good condition, but boats with the old style rudder tend to sell for much less. Your rudder isn’t original to the boat and doesn’t look like a Sunfish rudder- and I can’t quite make out if there’s an inspection port at the stern? The trailer is very nice, and if you have the registration paperwork for it that is a major bonus.
I’d be very surprised if you got $1,500, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask. If it were my boat I’d wet sand and wax the deck and take good, closeup pics.
Not being critical, I love the older Sunfish, they were very well built!