Stupid Laser tricks

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With all the serious topics of late, I thought I would post something a bit lighter... anyone have stupid laser tricks?

After sailing in the sun, I will jump over the side and sail the boat by just holding on to the extension and the mainsheet... obviously not fast, but certainly cools you off and feels cool to be pulled around by the boat...


In light air, I like to lie in the cockpit and sail with the tiller next to my head. You are so low to the water that it still feels like you are flying. Sail looks cool against the blue sky, too.

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Here's a good one. When going down wind in really heavy air, (like blowing the dog off the chain air) I like to get my boat rolling back and fourth so uncontrollably that I get dizzy, the silly giggles and LAUNCHED wildly through the air as the mast head hits the water in a violent CRASH completly halting the forward motion of the boat while I the slap happy occupant continue with my forward motion like a crash test dummy!

Well, I really don't like doing this, but it's the best stupid laser sailing trick I got.
Here a few steps
1. Borrow/use someones old boat that they dont really care about
2. make sure its blowing 25+ and there are waves
3. Whilst going downwind, so as far forwards in the cockpit as you can
4. Pitch pole
5. It looks awesome, its fun, its harmless
I think there is some old footage of people doing headstands on the bows of their Lasers in light air. Probably some of the best tricks are what you can do with your Laser off the water such as using it as a toboggan or sled in the winter or other such silliness.
Now if your really fast..... what you do is put a slip not in the mainsheet... throw the tiller into a tack, and then run around the mast and back and sail on.... much easier said than done
I usually find plenty of stupid things to do having experienced my fair share of windless days at my club. A good one when there is absolutely no wind is to power the boat by lying at the front and paddling or kicking from the back. As said before tacking running around the front of the mast and being dragged by the boat are great too.
several years back I saw some of the staff at the Bitter end Yacht Club sailing lasers standing like windsurfers, (in Light air) they tied the tiller amidships and steered with sail and balance. They were having fun, (Swimming a bit too) I am too old to try this but I can probably talk my 12 year old into it.....;) I'll try to shoot some video if I do.
Start with a regular full rig. Using old line and duct tape, add another topsection as a bowsprit. Add a 4.7 sail as a jib. Sail around. (tacks like crap)
In very light wind. you can stand on the deck by the mast to rock the boat from side to side with main sheet loose. This will cause a flapping of the sail and propel you forward. This technique is useful to get back to shore or dock when out of wind in the middle of lake. It's better and easier than paddling by hand.
Hey guys, first post here. Sometimes in super light wind me and my friends would tie a line on either side of the mast leading to the tiller and just sit at the front of the boat and steer it from there. We would also bring the mainsheet forward so we could actually sail legit.. It was pretty fun.