Stowing the sail

Yes. ‘Don’t know how I did that nor why I didn’t catch it. Thank you. What method is least damaging to the Sunfish SAIL?
stow the Sunfish on the boat????
Sail suspended???
Please clarify.

Best is to take the sail off the spars and store it in a safe place, but that's a hassle. Next best way is to roll the sail up towards the spars and (loosely!) loop a line around the whole bundle.
First: thank you for these prompt replies! I will try to clarify. I keep my Sunfish on the beach or moored. I have seen Sunfish where the sail has been stowed rolled up to the spars and left in contact with the deck. Then someone told me it was better to take a strain on the halyard to lift the sail slightly off the deck. When I do this, it looks as though the tack will make an arching groove across the bow.
Now I am looking for clarification: what is the best way to stow the sail? Is it best to remove the mast entirely? How do experienced Sunfishermen do it?
Is that better?
I highly recommend just leaving the spars on the deck. Lifting the sail off the deck will put strain on the rig and possibly lead to real trouble in a storm.
You can leave the mast up or not. I have seen both ways, but I have never seen a boat stored with the sail slightly off the deck.
Wavedancer: that makes sense. I can imagine a stress on at least one of the spars and added exposure to winds. There are more than half a dozen Sunfish on our pond, one is moored with sail raised, I fail to see an advantage. Thank you for your recommendation.
1) No advantage?

There's one moored Sunfish I see every summer, with the sail fully raised! :eek:

Swim out to the mooring, release the mooring buoy, climb aboard--and go sailing. :)

'Course, it helps if you're in a protected cove. :rolleyes:

2) You could use the loose end of the halyard to raise the sail slightly off the deck. It'll keep rainwater from collecting, and possibly growing algae in the sail. Other than sparing the finish of the splashguard, I'm pressed for any other advantages.
LVW, I seem to be having a problem communicating clearly here, let me try again: The "raised" sail I spoke of was rolled up, it was only "raised" up off the deck slightly by taking a strain on the halyard. It is not left up in the breeze.