Stern mast crutch

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I own a 2005 Catalina 14.2, got a killer deal last summer that I couldn't pass up.

I currently trailor it to the lake and use the styrofoam block that came with it for the rear mast support.

My question is, does anyone have any good DIY pictures to share? Mostly interested in mounting to the rudder brackets.


Alan j

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I would like to add a question to this also.
Would the occasional freeway bounce hurt the tiller gungions supporting the mast?
I am also looking at making a rear mast support
These are very old pics from when we originally refurbished the boat but hopefully they give you the idea. I can't even remember what sort of wood we used but we basically attached two slabs to the core, carpeted everything, then popped a boat bow trailer bumper on top which cradles the mast nicely. I use a bungee with several wraps around the mast then attached to the rudder mount in back and the keel bungee hook in front of the mount. Worked great for many years but I haven't had to trailer since moving to Florida where we just leave her on the beach in back.

Ping me if you'd like better pictures or dimensions and I'll go dig the thing out of the garage. I was easy to build and worked fantastically.

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