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Star Dancer question


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I recently bought an old Star Dancer sailboat -- similar to Sunfish -- and am hoping someone can provide information about the boat & the company that made it, including perhaps what years it was made.


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I had one from 1975 to 2005. It is a very wet boat, lol. I loved it. I believe it was made in Utah. It is great in a lake. I took classes in Austin, TX to sail. Ran a few local regattas and then bought the star dancer. Used on Lake Travis and Lake Conroe in Texas. I've never had it turn turtle and have weathered a couple of cold fronts when I was on the water. Let it go in irons and it will go backwards to shore. The waves were breaking over my head once. Park service told me to go to shore. Told them that was what I was doing. I saw, at least 20 boats capsized that day. Many fools with their life jackets tied to their masts, rather than their bodies. Be safe, and have fun.