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Spring Organizational Issues


Super Opinionated and Always Correct
We need a nice positive thread.

This month is that month when you really need to call a bunch of people with whom you regularly sail every summer and invite them to meet at some restaurant for a planning session.
Set up some plans for teh home sailing place and maybe even set up plans to hit a couple out of town events as a group.

if you don't make that call, odds are nobody else will either.

Don't use Email unless you have to to find them all. Pick up the phone. let them hear your voice. Don't ask them where to have the meeting Choose a place and invite them to come join you there.

it will only take an hour to organize the event
It will be nice to seel those who you have not seen since last summer.

Quit reading this and do it.

The report back and brag about how much fun you all had.

Do it!!!

and come sail in Austin Easter weekend.


Super Opinionated and Always Correct
If you give me some time I will find a boat to mooch. RC guys are old men who don't like even chilly water and use doing RC as an ecuse not to sail. The RC Chair will usually even put you up if you need a place....grown kids...empty rooms and all that.