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Spar caddy


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Looking for ideas on how to transport my spars on top of Laser Deck.Thinking of notching out some 2 by 4's and and securing to trailor.Any good ideas or pics appreciated.


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The Intensity foam spar carrier has made trailering a bit easier for me.
I have had mine for about a year; and the price was right...


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My issue with the Intensity four-spar carriers is they are a bit tall. The older three-spar carriers will fit better under a top cover, but I think are no longer available.


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Rob B

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Does the spar storage solution from Optistuff, above, fit under a standard Laser cover?
This is what I use and it works great. It's a little pricey. I love the wooden DIY one shown here as well!


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Thinking of making a few of the wood ones shown above. The large cutout is for a rolled sail on a tube

Rob B

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I have these for the single spar set and love them. Just lay my rolled up sail, (rolled on a 4" pvc tube and covered) on the deck beside them, put on the top cover and go.