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Alexander Finsterbusch shared the following summary from the J/24 South American Championship: On Tuesday, November 19, we started with equipment inspection, finishing all 23 boats as scheduled on Thursday the 21st at 18:00 hours. Same day at 14:00 hours, the practice race was started but with only 11 boats at the starting line. At 18:00, we had the opening ceremony with all crews present from Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina. Flags were lifted followed by a few words from the Authorities. On the 22nd, we had the skippers meeting at 10 hours, and we went off to the water for the first day of racing. Racing started as scheduled at 12 hours with a few general recalls and a black flag. Wind was steady from the North. On that day, the Race Committee could finish all three races with a target time of 75 minutes, winds starting with 6-8 knots and finishing the day with 12-14 knots. Course had to be reset a few times due to the change in wind intensity. On the 23rd, staring time was set at 11 hours and the RC was right on schedule, but the first race had to be abandoned because at the windward mark boats started to hit the ground, so the course had to be moved south and the wind intensity dropped so racing was postponed for 2 hours. After the wind shifted from North to East and the intensity climbed, racing resumed. The RC was able to finish two races with intensity climbing from 6 to 15 knots. On the 24th, again the shallow water conditions forced the RC to move the course south and wind did not want to set till 13:30 when the first race was started with approximately 10 knots. Second race again had to wait for the wind to set due to big wind shifts but finally the second race could be completed (wind mainly blowing from the NE-E.) Last day of racing, all two races could be finished before 16 hours so as to complete the schedule of 9 races. Shifting winds and intensity variations made it hard on the sailors and RC. At 18:00 we had the price giving ceremony where Argentina’s Matias Pereira was crowned the victor with 19 points. Sergio Pendola’s Cacique of ARG was second with 25 points, and Chile’s Robert Vernon racing Joyita placed third. For complete results, click here.

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