Something Special Happening in New England


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Somthing special is happening in southern New England!

On recent Sundays, there have been over 120 people RACING LASERS at either Cedar Point in Westport, CT (one hour from NYC) or Newport.

The CPYC and Newport programs keep leapfrogging each other for turnout, but both programs show the health and GROWTH of Laser racing at the local level.

Last Sunday Newport had a record turnout of 62. On the same day, CPYC had "only" 52, our 4th lowest turnout of the Fall Series. Our (CPYC) age range is 13-66, and 52 are currently qualifying at 50% for Series prizes, out of 130 registered.

CPYC puts 3 support boats on the water, and has needed to use leeward gates for the last 2 years. Newport still thrives with ONE powerboat throwing out 5 marks. For the Spring Series, Cedar Point will switch (after 25 years) to a 3-minute sequence (from 2). We will also start excusing those 16-and-under from RC duty, because we have TOO MANY people on RC! One competitor at CPYC has been commuting from Toronto, driving 17 hours each weekend.

The 2007 Summer will also see a focus on New England. The US Nationals and N. Americans will be held there, plus the Last-Chance Olympic Trials Qualifier will be at CPYC prior the the Olympic Trials in Newport.

Start planning your travel to New England!

Eric Robbins