SOL boat?

As new generation of Sunfish clones hits the market, and as LP is evidently having “issues”, I think it would be interesting to launch a new class of racing, allowing the Sunfish and it’s clones to compete directly. The class could include any board-type boat with crab-claw rig with a maximum of 80 square feet, a maximum length of 14 feet, a maximum beam of 50 inches, and a minimum weight of 100 pounds.
Unless something is done pretty soon, the lack of marketing and class support (and the lack of boats and parts) is going to slowly strangle the Sunfish class. The Laser folks already saw the writing on the wall and made some important changes. Perhaps it is time for the Sunfish class to take similar action. It is unfortunate that LP has taken such an adversarial course with the class associations, to the detriment of all involved.
Interesting - That would include just about everything EXCEPT the Rocket (LOA 14.17' SA 81 ft2 Hull weight: 90lbs Beam 52")
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