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Socially Distant Racing Wanted (Gulf Coast AL)


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College sailing is cancelled so I (like many others) am currently degenerating at home looking for any sailing I can find.

If any of y'all are interested in doing some racing or training in the Pensacola/Perdido Bay area, let me know. I've contacted local yacht clubs but it doesn't seem like there is an active laser fleet down here.

I have an older laser and am not particularly good, so looking for any level of competition -- just tired of sailing around alone.



Something cool to try is to sail around alone BUT make it a remote race. With a lot of boating apps you can save your track as well as your distance, total time, max speed, average speed, etc. I've done this using the Navionics app with my friends that couldn't be together to race.
It keeps track of distance, time, speed, max speed, average speed...