so whos gonna build the 2016 olympics lasers?

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hi guys sorry if this is a dumb question, but after the debacle kirby vs LP, whos gonna build the next lasers/torch whatever for the Brazilian olympics


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Neither LP nor PSA has stopped building Lasers during this whole time, and so far the only Kirby Torch in existence is an Australian Laser with a different logo on it. I believe with South America being LP's territory, they will provide the boats for the Rio de Janeiro games.
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but then i dont get what was the "big" deal!! if you read the torch official page says that every laser build after is counterfeit and blah blah, he also states the ISAF is supporting him!!

thats why i was asking who was building the boats because if the ISAF is supporting kirby in the claim the new boats are not official or class sanctioned HOW are we gonna have a race full of boats not sanctioned?

BTW i really really dont understand the hole argument and in my understanment both parties are at fault, kirby should have look more amicable solution and LP should have make the same


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ISAF and LP have a contract to build the Lasers for Rio. ISAF most definitely doesn't support Kirby; in fact, they used the Kirby Torch as grounds/an excuse to remove Kirby from the Laser class architecture.

The Torch website has been untouched for more than two years, so it's bound to contain outdated information. And of course, it only represents Kirby's view.

Kirby certainly made a mistake when selling his company to the owner of PSA, while LP shouldn't have stopped paying royalties to him. But whatever way the court case is resolved, I have a hard time imagining several years' production of LP and PSJ boats being declared illegal. ISAF and ILCA simply won't let that happen, and I don't think Kirby really wants that either.


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Watching the streaming TV coverage, LP logos were clearly visible on the back of the boats. The sailors were also wearing Zhik and SEA hiking pants with the logos distinctly visible. Yet I doubt any of these parties paid the millions of dollars required to be an official Olympic sponsor.

So looking ahead, who is going to provide the Lasers for the 2020 Olympics? You know, in Tokyo? Japan?