So? How did Nationals Go?

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My boat is still in the repair yard. I did make it down to MB and watched for a while on Sunday. Looked like about 25 - 30 boats and a ton of wind. But I'm suprised there is nothing posted yet about the event. Who won? How did it all turn out?
Brian Vanderspeck of MBYC/SWYC won a very tough gold Fleet in convincing fashion.
Megan Megill crewed for Brian. Second was Susan Taylor, 3rd Scott Finkboner, 4th Dave Luech, 5th Evan Hoffmann. Silver Fleet was won by Scott Hoffmann, Megan Shehan, 3rd was Kevin L.
Lots of MBYC members in the top of both fleets. Good conditions for the two days and RC did a nice job. Sorry to hear about your boat, hope it gets well soon. What's wrong with it?
Doesn't really matter except the farther the "Boner" is from the money the better, bottom line you kicked butt. Nice Job! I'm still smiling about your prestart control of Susan Taylor, just priceless. Can you try to keep the rig up on the old boat? You need to check those pins more closely.


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Congrats again Brian on a job well done! I empathize with you on the ring ding thing. I had TWO fail in one race. The first on the block at the end of the boom. The second on the starboard shroud adjuster at the windward mark. TIMBER! Just keep two MAST lengths away from me and you'll be safe.
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I would personally like to congratulate Scott Hoffmann on an incredible regatta, throwing out a second UNBELEIVABLE. This young man was out not only beating his fleet but sailing into the gold fleet. He sailed a flawless reggata, he showed not only his natural ability but also that practice pays off. CONGRATS AGAIN SCOTT!