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Sitting here, listening to the rain on the porch roof, looking at the Sunfish still sitting on the trailer. Brought it up to the bay on Monday and have not got it in the water yet. Tuesday was whitecaps and rain, not a good day as water temp is still cold (high 50's, low 60's?). Not ready for a cold bath yet. Rain every day since. Took Harken rachett block off when I put boat away last fall-thought it was here at the RV-but can't find it-must be home (2 1/2 hours away). Wonder what kind of sailing summer this wil be. Hope others are having better conditions to get sailing. Mid June and not in the water yet.


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I feel your pain! We had conditions like that here in Savannah for about 20 days in a row. The last few weeks of May and early June were just miserable. It rained and stormed every day. There wasn't a single day that would have been good for sailing. It has finally cleared out now but the temperatures have skyrocketed. All weekend we are expecting triple digit highs with nearly triple digit humidity! Its a great day to do a lot of capsizing. :D

Good luck clearing out the rain!
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Found the Harken rachett block- at home- where I am now- boat is 100 miles away at Little Sodus on Lake Ontario. Today was hazy, hot and humid, just the right sailing day, and I was here mowing the lawn.
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Finally got everything together and launched the boat at the state park yesterday and sailed it down to the RV. It was nice being in the water again. Took a few reaches across the bay- not a lot of wind, but steady. Felt nice. Boat seems to be in OK shape for its age- a 60's Alcort. Only thing I noticed is that my PFD seems to have shrunk over the winter. Not sure how that happened, as we 'space bagged" it, dry, at the end of last season. Today it rained, but maybe tomorrow will bring fair weather and winds.
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Jist got in from a few hours on the bay-first day we did not have whitecaps and major wind-maybe in an earlier year the conditions earlier this week would have tempted me out-but today was nice-just a few powerboats to keep an eye on-spent the last few days sanding and putting varnish on the daggerboard-rudder and tiller next-but that can wait if the weather holds and the winds are fair :)
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Not much wind today and with a storm forcast for this afternoon looks like another 'no sail day". What keeps coming back to me was that Sunday was an ideal day to sail and I did not take advantage of it. Keep asking my self why not? The wind was steady and almost to white cap stage, but not overpowering. Lots of boats out (not many Sunfish, but there are not many on the Bay). Think I will have to ponder why I have lost the drive to get out and sail. The enjoyment is there when I am out, but the push to go out is not. Wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I can sail anytime (retirement is great) so there is no urgent need to get out, like when I was on vacation and had a set number to days to 'use'. Well, something to think about.
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Made a vow that I would try to get out sailing today. The morning broke with light and fluky winds, mostly out of the south west. By noon the wind had shifted to a steady breeze out of the north. After a quick lunch I grabed my PFD and centerboard and headed down to the water's edge. Slid the boat off the skid ( and noiced that the water level had dropped about 4 inches since I had put the boat on the skid), untied the sail and pointed the nose of the boat to the west. Up went the sail, dropped in the centerboard and headed out. The breeze was steady and producing a nice chop. Headed up towards FHB State Park, about 1/2 mile from our RV park. It felt god tacking into the wind. After reaching the park I headed down the bay on broad reaches pasing the RV Park before heading back up the bay. It was a great day to be out. On several close reaches the bow would hit a wave and spray would come up spraying me and the sail. What a great feeling. Not many sailboats were out today, but lots of power boats. Did see one couple in a red O'Day DS sail by. They were on starboard, I on a port tack. As we passed by we waved In all, spent about 4 hours out today, again wondering why I don't sail more ofter,
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After wasting a lot of July by not getting on the water, the last week has been great. Had to keep an eye to the sky, as a lot of thunder storms moving over the state. The storms did bring some good, as with the wind from the south it is easier to get off the shore between the boat lifts for the power boats. The weekend does put a lot of powerboaters out. I found that powerboats flying by put out less wake than those that plow by. Getting better at judging the wake and riding through it. Did have one "oh my gosh" moment when I crested on the wake of boat plowing by and as I went over the wake and the bow of the Sunfish headed down I was hit by the second part of the wake. The bow went through the wave, sending a wall of water over the bow and over the splash guard. After the fact, it was kind of fun. The downside is that I to head home for the week, so no sailing for the next week.
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Well, it is Friday and that means that I should be back to the water (and the boat) in a few days. Hope the weather next week is good . One thing, the weather here (along the NY-PA border) has been rainy the past few days. Had heavy rain Wednesday, and today looks like a washout also, so being away from the boat is not so bad!! Tomorrow looks like a nice day, weather wise for sailing. If I did not have so much going on I would have liked to take a trip up to the Whitney Point Resovoir ( "best by a dam site") to see how the sailing is. That is where, over 40 years ago, I started my Sunfish sailing. It would be interesting to see how many boats are out. Hey, if you can't be sailing you should at least be watching.
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Back at the lake today- nice wind- getting ready to go out- Sunfish is sitting on its skid waiting. Only drawback is that the room to get out from the skid is narrow and the water level drops off quickly so you can not wade out to clear the boat lifts. I'm going to have to work on using a paddle to clear boats and then raise the sail. Getting out is not a real problem when the wind is from the North or the South, as I can leave on a reach, but a west wind blows right at the shore and there is no room to tack out and coming in is exciting as you do not have room to round up into the wind. Have to practice rounding up out a little and lowering the sail and drifting in. That should be some laughs-maybe I can get a payday on Funniest Home Videos.


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After a beautiful sailing day yesterday we have the return of the dreaded (by me) wind from the Northwest. Went down to the boat and checked the wind out. Pretty strong, with gusts. They have a 'small craft' warning out on Lake Ontario, but Little Sodus is pretty protected. Slid the boat off the skid ( remembered to close the bailer) and turned the bow into the wind. Waded out a bit and raised the sail---and stood there checking the wind. Moved as far North towards the next dock as I can, trying to see if I would clear my dock on the south on a close reach. Knowing the Sunfish does not point well, it looked close. Last thing I want to do is be heeled over and snag the supports on the end of the dock. Not sure if the lower gaff will clear the dock when the mainsheet is let out. I stood in the water for a while and decided I was not going to make it out today.
The wind was stronger than I want when I try to paddle out and raise the sail, as we were having some whitecaps break out. Put the boat back on the skid and hope the wind dies down and shifts a bit more to the north.
On another note, my wife and I were taking about when I got the Sunfish, as it came with me when we got married. My wife claims I got the boat in 1965, which maybe I did, I think 1966. The boat is #28965, which puts it at a 1965 model. I got it used. In a strange event the Broome County Parks Department decided to run the boat rentals at Dorchester Park on their own. The private individual that ran the rentals the prior year sold the lot of rentals to a Marine Dealer in Whitney Point. I went up to the park and when told of what happened I went over to the Marine Dealer and inquired about the boats. I got to pick the one I wanted and, if I remember (from a guy that can't remember what year he bought it) paid about 1/3 of the cost of a new boat. As Sunfish was the 'hot' boat at the time, I think it was a deal. I owned a Corvair convertible at the time, and had no trailer. I talked a friend into going to Canada (Christie Lake) for the weekend and we built racks for his car out of 2X4s and picked up the boat in Whitney Point and took the boat to Canada. We, 3 of us, sailed the weekend and as I recall got quite a sunburn, as in 1966 sunblock was an unknown and the sign of the 'good life' was a dark tan.
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If you can not sail, at least you should be lucky enough to see some sailing. Wednesday night my wife and I wwent to Breitbeck Park in Oswego on the shore of Lake Ontario for a concert. From what I was told Wednesday is the night that the Oswego Yacht club haas a scheduled sail. The concert was short , ending at 8pm but at about 7:45 the boats were returning to Oswego under fukk spinackers. It was a beautiful sight to see. As there had been a small craft warning on the lake they had plenty of wind on the run.
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Made it out sailing today. The wind was from the SouthWest and a bit gusty. With the angle of hte wind I was able to reach out from the skid, going NorthWest. It took a while to get out, as being Saturday there was a lot of powerboats and I waited for 'clean' waves instead of the wake of the powerboats. With the waves coming in from the SouthWest and most of the powerboat wakes from the NorthWest it made it very choppy at the skid. Had a couple of nice reaches and, when free of powerboat wakes, got into a nice rythem of cutting through the waves. Very entergizing. Hitting wakes breaks that rythem, seems like it was a foot back for 2 forward. Never did get a good run in. The wind started to shift to the west more (after I had reached up the bay a bit) and I stayed mostly on close reaches or beam reaches. No other small boats out. Two boats passed me on broad reaches while I was on close reaches. One was a Venture I believe, as it had a 'V' on the mainsail. It was in the 26-30 foot range. The other I believe was a Cal 26 with a family with kids on it. After about 2 hours out the wind got strangely calm. As we had forcast storms I decided to head in. The wind, what was left of it, was more of a NorthWest wind now. I sailed in on a close reach. I have to wonder, as we did not get any storms if we were going from a 'land breeze' to a 'sea breeze'. All in all, it was a nice day out. Only regrets was that there were no other small boats out.
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After 2 days with thunderstorm warnings we have had two great days for sailing. Yesterday had better wind, but today was good also. Todays wind was a bit more challenging, not that it was strong, but it seemed to be out of the northeast. When that happens the wind comes into Little Sodus Bay through a narrow opening by the State Park and does sort of a 'S' curve down the bay, coming off the west shore and then heading for the east shore and then back to the west shore. Makes heading into the wind challenging. Heading towards the west show you feel like you are getting a 'header' only to tack into the wind coming off the east shore, again getting a 'header'. The waves today seemed big for the actual wind, which was not real strong. While sailing I got thinking how relative things are in sailing. Boat speed and heading are only relative to other boats of our same design. As there were no other Sunfish out it was hard to judge if it was that the wind was just not as strong as the vaves would suggest, or I was just sailing slow. At times I expected to pick up a nice lift from the wind, but I never really go the feeling that I was moving well. Never got the feeling on my face or arms that the wind was picking up. Even on a run down the east shore and a gybe to head back up the bay was ot a big deal. (I am not a fan of gybing :) )The rest of the week looks good for sailing, maybe the wind will freshen up a bit and get back to the point where the bow cutting through the waves will throw some spray. Sadly, I do have to admit that I have put a few pounds on since I started sailing and what I used to have to achieve by some athletic hiking out I can now achieve by just hanging the backside over the trim a bit. My center of gravity seems to have shifted lower. :)
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We have a nice breeze today, and it is hot and humid- a day you would like to be out on the lake but I'm sitting on shore. The local radar showed a storm oassing just north of us on Lake Ontario and more storms heading northeast up through central NY. After reading the posts on lightning I decided to stay put until the storms pass. I can remember getting caught in a storm on Whitney Point Resivoir (sp) many years ago. My wife and I were out in the Sunfish when a storm blew up from the south. We tried to make it back to the launch which was to the south. Of course that was into the wind. We did not make it back before the storm hit. I don't remember much lightning, but I do recall hail bouncing off the boat. Being many years ago, I do not recall having PFD's, but remember having boat cushions which we slipped our arms through the straps. I know we stayed with the boat and did not capsize. After the storm passed, make that long after, we could laugh about the experience. It did teach me something though. Later in life, although not all that much later, we were out fishing in a 14' rowboat when a storm came up. We did not try to get back to the dock, but pulled into a small bay on the shore (Christie Lake, Ontario) and waited the storm out. We may have got wet, but did not have to worry as much about capsizing or lightning. Well, it is getting darker out, maybe a storm is coming, but I can;'t hear any thunder-yet


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Don't know where you are, but it rained here in east Tennessee also. Spent all morning cutting grass and was looking forward to a little sail to cool off. Got the boat out, put the mower away, it started to rain. Said a few bad words about the local weather guessers and put the boat back in the garage. Cleaned off the water spots and put a coat of wax on the hull and watched it rain. Mabey next weekend.
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We are sitting on the south shore of Lake Ontario in a bay called 'Little Sodus Bay'. We are east of Rochester (so is Sodus Bay) and west of Oswego. The bay is a couple of miles long and, maybe 1/2 mile wide. Storms skirt along the shore of Lake Ontario and catch us sometimes. Today we had thunder and a spit of rain. Tonight we have nice wind, but only an hour of light left. With the boat trafffic on the bay, navagation lights are a must if you plan on being out in the dark. Problem with the bay is that the marina that services the power boats with gas is at the far end from the breakwaters to Lake Ontario. That is also the end of the bay with 2 marinas that rent out dock space for the power boats. The power boats make a beeline for the marinas, straight down the middle of the bay, the path I usually am on when sailing goes right across that path. I'm learning on how to cope with the wakes. All in all, most power boats are not a problem/ I get a bit more nervous with the power boats when they are 'tubing', as their paths are more erratic. Last time I was out I was on a starboard tack and a nice sailboat we returning down the bay, under motor power. We seemed to be on a course that would make it close to cross. As we neared the other sailboat slowly bore to his left and passed behind me. They gave a wave and I wondered what they think about the smaller sailboats, especially a Sunfish with an older sailor aboard. I always wonder how many have wet their teeth on a Sunfish before moving up to bigger boats and if they have experienced the feeling of being on a small boat where the room for error is small and having conquered the winds for that day.
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Nice morning for sailing. Good breeze- not quite a wind-from the northwest. Made it easy to launch today. Waded out and over to the north dock and sailed right out between the boat lifts. Will make coming in a bit interesting. Wind seemed to be doing its 'S' curve down the bay again. Had to keep heading down, as the it seemed I was catchng a lot of headers. Not bad though, with an added plus, by the time I was nearing the opposite shore I was able to tack and hit a course for the state park (Fair Haven Beach State Park). One thing I noticed was that it seemed that I was the only boat on the bay. Not bad though, as I had an objective, make the state park. I was able to stay on the port tack all the way to the park, but fell just short of my objective, the mooring pier. As I got close I could see it would be close to pass the end of the pier. I tried to pinch, but could see i was still under the end of the pier. I did a couple of quick tacks and cleared the pier. Only one boat moored on the pier, a Bayliner, maybe 23'. It was out of Weedsport, a short distance from the park by road, maybe 25 miles. Wondered if they had trailered in or had come up the canal to Oswego and then to the state park. Overnight mooring is $14 I think. Fair Haven park has a nice beach and at $14 a night makes it a cheap vacation. Moorings have no power supplys, so I guess you have to 'rough' it. I dfecided to run back to my dock, along the east shore of the bay. Nice wind at my back. Thought about putting my bottom in the tub, with my feet on the deck, like I used to, but them thought better of it. Not as limber as I once was. Only boat I encountered on the way back was a bass fisherman, casting the shoreline. Sailed a ways past my dock and rounded up and went across again on a starboard tack. Wind was staarting to die a bit. I came about slowly and recalled a recent thread on the board about being unable to come about without getting in irons. Man, I did not have much speed but easily came about onto a port tack. Breeze picked up a bit and I had a nice ride back across the bay. Took another short run down the shore and then a short tack across and decided to head in, as the breeze was getting lighter, and it was getting very overcast. Still thinking if ones gets in irons in light or heavy wind. Will have to see what tomorrow brings. Tonight it is off to Oswego to a concert at the park and maybe catch a glimps of the boats on their Wednesday sail from the Oswego Yacht Club.