Sleeved Sail question


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I have bought and used a Sunfish twice and now I like sailing and want a Laser someday soon. My main question is that with a Sunfish you can drop the mast when landing when it's windy and you can raise the mast when it is windy after you take off. With a sleeved mast I can't quite picture how it all works on a windy day. I guess you do the best you can or head into the wind or let the sail go. I would like to see a video of it or watch some one. Any pointers for a novice much appreciated. Maybe I am missing something. It would seem like it could be a challange at times.

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It can be a challenge at times.

There are at least two ways of approaching the problem. Briefly,

1. Once you are close, unhook the clew and let the sail flap freely. Drift in or use manual power.

2. Take out the sheet and let the whole sail plan do what it wants to do.

Which method is preferable depends on the geography of the landing area, the wind strength and direction with respect to the landing area; beach, dock, or ?

If you search the Forum, you will find some posts that relate to this very issue.

PS: In a Sunfish you don't drop the mast; you drop the sail....