Single handed shore launch question..


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It defies logic but the lakes in my area do not put boat docks near the trailer launch ramps.

I see that the 14.2 has plenty of freeboard. If I were to launch at the boat ramp can you climb in from shore or shallow water?
I don't see why not... we used to beach 16' Rebels all the time, and they have even more freeboard. It might be a bit awkward scrambling over the gunwale, but it can be done. Just mind your shins so ya don't bang 'em up, lol. You can also slide over the gunwale in horizontal fashion like a pirate boarding a prize target in secrecy at night... makes for a more dramatic embarkation, lol. :rolleyes:
Something else to consider: you can partially rig the boat, launch, and paddle away from ramp traffic, then finish rigging the boat while adrift in a safe location. I used to do this with Lido 14s when ramp or hoist traffic was hot & heavy... worked just fine, but you wanna make sure you have everything you need aboard the boat before ya shove off. I'd have some hand hold the boat in the shallows while I parked the tow vehicle & trailer, or stowed the oversized dolly. We'd launch, paddle off to one side (usually to leeward so as not to drift back into ramp traffic), then rig the boat and get under way. Worked just fine despite the extra hassle, big thing is to make sure everything you need is aboard the boat... for us, that included the cooler full o' beer. :cool:

I'm off to make Sunday brunch and enjoy this cooler weather... 'bout time we caught a break from the brutal heat wave in Arizona, lol. Cheers!!! :rolleyes:
Reminds me of a nice small/medium sized lake (called Creve Cour) I checked out when we were thinking of moving to St. Louis. Would have been great for Capri but like you said there was no dock at the launch ramp! Can't imagine how I could singlehand and also avoid beating up the boat in the ramp areas. That was a deal breaker for me!
Thanks for the tips and ideas. There is a dock but it's not very close to the ramp. Unfortunately the shoreline around the ramp is rocky. However, the walkway for the dock may be close enough for me to throw a line onto the walkway. Then I could lead the boat out to the dock where I can board her and finish rigging. I'm installing a Baby Bob and then I'll get out to the lake and get my launch situation sorted.