Show off YOUR Laser!


She looks in good shape.

Don't you bottom your vang out in like five knots, though?
..actually 5.7kts ;)...since that picture was taken i've shortened up line above the cascade...good observation...
Speaking of observations it looks like a true blockhead is sailing your red and white laser! :eek::D
Cheers Eric
Great boat xflyer95,

Another observation which may help, it looks like your outhaul line is crossed in that picture.
yeah when I zoomed in it is definitely crossed! I usually thread the line "up" thru the block at the mast ....then down thru the aft rolling block ...and then they stay nice and parallel! I must have been in a hurry.
It's cool that we can see that stuff on these pics :D
Hey, these are all great pictures - thanks for sharing! I'm new to the forum, and I find them a great inspiration. In fact, I'm so new to laser sailing, that I'm going down to Portland, OR on Wednesday, to pick up my first ever Laser. The closest I've been to a Laser was sailing a Sunfish once, and I totally loved it.

FWIW, I live on an island in Puget Sound (Whidbey), have about 10-12 years of keel boat sailing experience, 10 years of power boating experience, and the last 19-20 years windsurfing. I plan to use the Laser for day sailing, as it is too hard to get to Seattle to compete on a regular basis. I'm hoping to get proficient enough with it to eventually do some heavy weather sailing.

I'm very excited to be getting the Laser, and maybe I'll share some pictures of it later.

Oh - and brace yourselves for a ton of beginner questions! :)
This are my two. Orange Roughy is a '75 model and Yellow Belly is a 77 one. Both are in great c ondition and I'm finding them fun to sail. Now just have to convince the kids that if they come out with me we won't always be tipping out