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Setup, Tuning and Trim- North Sails


Here's the North info, circa 2007. All the mast setup info is basically the same since the mid- 80's. It agrees with that from other sailmakers.

There is also a newer, current Tuning Guide here: J/24 Tuning Guide | North Sails. I believe that the new Tuning guide has only minor changes relative to the old one from the mid-late 2000's.

The new rig tension chart has more detail, but the basic settings from the old table are still there (Loos Model B tension gauge). So, for instance, the lowest setting in the new table is for 0-5 kts, whereas in the old table it was 0-9kts. In the new table, the next range is 5-8kts, and the tension numbers are the same as those for the old table at 0-9 kts: 20 uppers, 15 lowers on a Loos Model B.

I think that the sails are not substantially different from the earlier ones, mid-late 2000's. The class has not been as active since that time, so it's unlikely that substantial sail development has been going on. So I include the old guide for the additional advice about trim that's provided.

North also has a separate guide for their "San Diego" sail designs, originating from that loft. https://cfd.northsails.com/sailing/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/08135049/north-j24-sandiego-tuningguide.pdf
These sails use less prebend in the mast and a different rig tension guide. I can't tell you much more about them except that most other sailmakers' designs are more similar to the North Newport designs. So the San Diego designs are a little bit unique.