Sell One, Buy One

Breeze Bender

Breeze Bender
I’ve sold two Sunfish this summer, but have bought three!
Yesterday’s purchase was exactly 9 minutes from home. The boat, with trailer and two nice sails was $500. How could I resist? The original owner had many good memories connected to this Sunny and I assured him I would continue to take good care of it. Note the homemade rudder. He added a metal clip to the old-style gudgeon and told me it worked perfectly and never came unhinged. I’ll test it out! I do like it’s larger size. For resale I know the upgrade would attract more buyers but we’ll see.
So much for reducing the fleet…
I saw that boat listed online, your keeping busy cleaning up the excess Sunfish inventory. I'm getting ready to list the last Zuma from Sequassin, but also looking at a Ray Greene Rebel 16 and, or a Schwill 16 both with nice trailers and low prices.
Nice looking boat? 2 sails? AND a trailer with wheels that roll? For $500...

Are we being punked? You're pulling our leg, right?

Next you'll tell us that the foam is dry...
Yes, SC, it’s a ‘71. Same as Wave? I know only by checking the Sunfish timeline, as the ID tag is missing from the deck. It was the last year of the ‘old style’ rudder and the first year of the cockpit cubby.