Seitech Parts // Delays obtaining?


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Is anyone seeing general delays getting parts for Seitech Dollys (specifically Sunfish)? I've had an order in with APS for a month for a bracket and can't get the item shipped. I'm not getting info. from APS as to why the delay, so I was curious if others are experiencing this?
There are ongoing problems with getting Sunfish, Laser or Seitech parts. They are all owned by the same company and apparently are subject to the same parts shortages.


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Has anyone actually received Seitech parts from any vendor recently? I'm curious if Seitech is actually shipping any parts (not full dollys) to anyone? If so, let me know the lagtime between your order and actually receiving the part.

If Seitech isn't shipping parts, then then I (and others) will need to use alternate dollys and/or "homemade " parts to fix existing dollys.

Don't mean to beat a dead horse, but I've been waiting for more than month for my Seitech Sunfish Dolly part, and can't seem to get a clear idea if it will ever ship.