Seaweed Nightmare!


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My home port is in DesPlaines, Il on Lake Opeka. Nice smallish sized lake. In past years the water was quite clean and free of seaweed. About mid spring we had a major algae bloom, kind of a surface blue/green carpet variety. That was treated and started to dissapate when another variety popped up which was bright green and mixed in the water. Also the long, stringy type of seaweed came on strong, clumps floating on the surface and growing tall enough to snag my 4'2" draft keel. And totally disables my trolling motor. Not to mention the lake smells bad.

Our Park District is doing their best to fight the problem but it's not going well. The situation has really downgraded the lake. Luckily I have an alternate lake close to home so my season's not shot. Anybody else have an experiance like this?


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