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Schedule Grids updated at www.laser.org


All@TLF.org -

James Appel has recently improved the scheduling functionality of our website, http://www.laser.org. Please visit and you will find:

1. Links embedded with each regatta scheduled on the Major Regatta Grid (to either info or results where appropriate).

2. A new D-GP schedule page with e-mail and/or regatta links.

From the homepage, click Racing, then either Major Regattas or District Champs.

Also, remember that the sortable regatta calendar is particularly good at finding other regattas, especially ones close to your home. However, it is only as wonderful as you and your district make it by posting all upcoming regattas. Anyone can post in this area. If you see one missing, ask the regatta organizer if you can post it for them.

See you on the water soon,

Ryan Eric Minth, President
Int'l Laser Class Association
North American Region