• Please be alert for scammers offering shipped items. Just like any internet purchase, please use caution and be sure to verify identies. Phone calls are strongly recommended along with using payment methods offering protection for shipped items. Never use VENMO or Pay Pal Friends and Family for shipped goods. Also, please look out for users linking to an existing thread but providing a different email address to contact the original poster.

Expired Scammer alert

This classified ad has expired.
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I just got scammed trying to buy a J24 boat cover from the classifieds. Forum member is tlishcher. their email is [email protected]. I stupidly paid them through PPFF. As the banner now says at top of the forum, don't do that. Dont use Venmo.

I'm super careful. How the hell did this happen to me? They described item well: seemed to know about boats. They had a photo. Willing to take 50 down, 50 on receipt. The exchanges were terse: but most sailors seem pretty mono-sylabic anyway, so didn't seem out of the ordinary.

Hindsight I missed: runaround: zelle, to venmo, to paypal. General skeezy vibe, but nothing too glaring.
Scumbag now has my shipping address too.

Be careful out there.
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