Save The Mistress Phase 2!


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Wanted to share a continuation of my earlier post of 10/12/21 "Save The Mistress". You can refer back to that for the beginning of this story. That was when I experianced the failure of the mast support beam due to rotten wood. Repair was made by a cantilivered pipe system which gave support to the mast base, you can see that on the rotted wood pics. Now fast forward to this summer, and the next can of worms opened when I noticed that under sporty conditions flexing cracks had developed at the areas where the seats meet the front bulkhead. Also the neoprene plate that had been installed in Phase 1 repair had setted down a bit, another concern.
So I enlisted the help of my expert (but pricey) boat repair buddy to come to the rescue!
See where he removed the rotten wood piece, added a custom fabricated base plate, ground out the cracks (see repair #7), and re-glassed the disturbed areas. He put a lot of labor hours into this venture. Now between these two repair events I've probably dropped about $5k for his work, but otherwise the boat would be unsafe to sail. Alternatively a new Capri 14.2 probably goes for about a bit south of $10k and then I also would need to transfer all the improvements I made on mine to the new boat. That would be a huge PITA!
Adding up the #'s:
$$$$ For
1,200 Bought old beat up Capri 6 years ago.
2,000 Misc upgrades made (Trailer and sail improvements, motor, other accessories)
5,000 Cost to restore boat to full structural integrity.
8,200 Total investment for boat which I'll keep for years to come (and already have enjoyed 6 seasons worth of pleasure)!

So it's a word to the wise that if your buying an old Mod 1, you might end up having the same issue I dealt with here. I'm curious if (God forbid) Catalina ponied up a few extra $$ on their newer Capris to install a better mast suport system. What were they thinking when they installed wood, rather than something that would not be prone to fail over time?


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