Sailing in the rain

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If this has been addressed before please direct me to the thread.

We're going to have some good rain in the next few days, actually probably most of the winter. I'm pretty sure I've got the warmth factor covered, 5,4,3 wetsuit, NRS work boots, nrs utility gloves but no cap yet. Am I missing anything?

Also, anything I should be aware of when actually on the water or is it the same just in the rain?



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Two items I'd recommend. First, get a "Squid Lid". It's a neoprene hood. I wear mine windsurfing when it's cold. If you Google, "Squid Lid Wetsuit" under Google images, you'll see lots of them. Here's a link to one.

Next, some sort of clear lensed eyewear. If you've got driving rain and there's some wind, Laser broad reaching speeds will probably be high enough to make those rain drops hurt your eyes. In the case of windsurfing speeds when it's raining, it's simply impossible to windsurf when you are planing along at 25 to 30 mph without eyewear. Ask me how I know! ;)

- Andy


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I like a sou'wester hat like this -
Dutch Harbor Gear Men's Sou'Wester Hat, Yellow, Large
I'm not much on the yellow (mine's tan) but I like the long brim in the back + sides to keep rain off the back of my neck, + keep it from running down into the wetsuit at the neckline. I also like the brim on the sides + front, cuz if there's spray up from the bow, or even just wind-driven rain, I can keep it off my face by turning my head away. Keeping head + face warm makes a big difference in comfort + how long I can stay out, still enjoying it.

Once you're dressed to get wet, sailing in the rain makes no difference at all - enjoy.


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Plus, with a sou'wester you look cool... like one of the Nova Scotia Grand Banks dory fishermen.
- Andy :cool:
Nice painting ... good find!

The thing about looking cool sailing in the rain around here is I'm almost always the only guy out there in the rain so I end up looking cool for nobody but me. But that's one of the things I like about it - no traffic, got the lake all to myself.
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Well, the wetsuit I bought was a bust. Chest zip (entry), no neck adjustment (cut blood supply to the head, face turned red, neck veins bulged), I had to roll around on the ground trying to get it off; not what I want to do in the rain on the ground or in a public bathroom. :eek:

I ended up renting a 7mm farmer john with jacket dive suit. I looked like Herman Munster without the guffawing laugh. I forgot just how stiff these things are but once on the water with the wind blowing and consistent 6 t0 12" (up to 18" at times) swells I didn't feel anything except the desire not to go swimming. I know it's not much for the hardcore Laser guys but for me it was a white knuckle ride. My day was basically trying not to capsize for over 3 hours. I almost made it until a 100 yards from the dock. A good gust just came up and pushed the boat over like it was nothing. I got catapulted right in the drink. In no time the boat was completely 180 upside down and I almost lost my daggerboard.

andyatso was spot on with the eye protection. The rain was beating down hard. I also realize how hard this type of sailing can be on gloves. I was wearing the cotton knit rubber finger gloves. Even the rubber on the back of the glove's fingers were gone.

Overall, it was one heck of great sail. I may just end up buying a Laser for myself and visiting some water through out NorCal. :)
A friend and I were out on Casco Bay yesterday in the squalls. The rain was fairly warm but the breeze died so we did not stay out for too long. We were the only ones out there except for (surprisingly) one of those tourist schooners.
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Two items I'd recommend. First, get a "Squid Lid". It's a neoprene hood. I wear mine windsurfing when it's cold. If you Google, "Squid Lid Wetsuit" under Google images, you'll see lots of them. Here's a link to one.

- Andy
My Squid lid arrived yesterday. It'll definitely be a benefit on those cold days on the water but the sun visor is useless. I choose this over the Sou'wester cap for mobility and padding. It seems every time I'm on the lake I'm moving non stop. I think it'll be a hindrance. Plus I need the padding provided by the neoprene. . I'm not yet stealthy enough to consistently avoid the boom. :confused: