Sailing in Switzerland?

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Does anyone have advice on where/how to get some small boat sailing done on Lake Geneva or nearby Vaud? We'll be visiting for 4 days and would love to rent a boat and enjoy the scenery from the water. I did check out a Swiss Sailing website I found and e-mailed the head guy, but no response(maybe I should've translated from English to French before I sent it). Thoughts?
Hi Alieck,
did you visited the website of the Laser Association of Switzerland?
If not, here is the link:

Go to the "Forum" in the "Community" area and try to ask again. People from Switzerland do understand English, because its a country where a lot tourists from NA make their winter holidays for skiing or maountain-climbing. Without looking to that, they speak 4 other languages there (Switzer-German-, French-, German-, Italian-Language). What language is usual, depends to the region you are going. At Lake Geneva they speak German- and French-Language, I guess. I´m sure you get a response form the SUI-Laserites.
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Thanks for the advice. I did, in fact, post a message on that website in French(you're right, they speak German/French mostly in that area), but am not sure it went through. I need to recheck where it was posted.