Sailcloth and Plastic Strip Centerboard Flap Repair


Mildly Thixotropic
My youngest, affectionately known as 'the kid', brought home a salvaged Omega 14 and we spent some time last summer doing hull repairs.
The centerboard flaps need some love. Since I have sailcloth, could I overlap 2 strips of this per side to make up the length and re-use or find new plastic strips?
Are there big-box store alternatives for the strips? Ours broke into pieces during removal.
Or is time better than fussing and saving money and just order the current Capri kit?
Is using the old screw hole a recipe for leaks?

We also have a Sunfish to dry out and re-commission so I am spending time in that portion of the forum as well. Thinking that leak testing might be common between a 'Fish and Capri-type boat. I am comfortable doing fiberglass work. I have yet to add inspection ports or weight the Omega to see if/how bad it is watterlogged, it sank once at dock and was holed as part of the recovery, they missed that it has a hull drain plug and two cockpit drains...