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I just received a free Dolphin Sr Sailboat. It's a sunfish wannabe. Does anyone know if a sunfish sail will work on the dolphin. Any comments or idea appreciated.



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I had a dolphin sr as a kid, and am jealous you have one now! GREAT boat. The boat is a little larger than a sunfish, and more powerful. The dolphin sail looks much larger, when side-by-side with a sunfish.

There is someone in TX who makes sails for dolphin srs. I think in Austin. There also used to be a dolphin sr group on yahoo, but it looks like it's temporarily inactive.

Here's the link of someone selling a dolphin w/a new sail. You might call em and ask em where they got the sail.
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Thanks y'all for the info and advice. I will be getting a new sale, since the sunfush sale is really not large enough. I wish the Dolphin forum was running, but it seems thepopularity of the sunfish makes it the king of small sailboats. I'm going to ask my dolphin questions in this forum since everyone has been very friendly and knowledgeable.