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Sail number derived from hull number

David Jenkins

New Member
I just traded an inflatible boat and a 3.5 hp engine for an old Laser. I am trying to learn more about the boat and to get it ready to sail in the spring.

There is no model number under the bow eye or anywhere on the bottom of the hull or in the cockpit. The only number is on the transom. The number is
PFS 117161273.

From searching your wonderful forum I have come to the conclusion that I now own a 1973 model Laser that was manufactured in April of 1972 by Performance Sailcraft in Montreal. The sail number should be 11716. Is that correct?

Someone posted a list of years with corresponding sail numbers and the numbers for 1973 range from 3230 to 14305. So since 11716 falls in that range I have some confirmation that the boat is in fact a 1973 model.

I had a little doubt at first because someone else posted that a 1973 model would not have a serial number on the transom (only under the bow eye) and with this boat it is just the opposite.

Thank you!