Rules 3(e)ii and 3(f)ii - "THE" control line?

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ILCA Rule 3(e)ii attempts to regulate where "THE" cunningham control line may be attached. Similarly, Rule 3(f)ii attempts to regulate where "THE" outhaul control line may be attached.

But don't we now have (up to) THREE control lines for the cunningham and (up to) TWO control lines for the outhaul? Which of these multiple control lines do these rules refer to? All of them? Any one of them? The primary control line? It's not clear!

If these rules applied to ALL control lines in the noted control systems, then since 3(e)ii does NOT allow attaching one of the cunningham control lines to the becket of a block, all the HARKEN-made, Vanguard-distributed 10:1 cunningham rigs used in North America would be illegal! So, I have to presume that these rules do not apply to ALL control lines in the noted systems. They apply to "some" of them.

It's totally sickening!

For two years now, I (and others around the world) have been racing
trying to conform to rules the meanings of which no two people can agree

The laser rigging has become totally "experimental rigging", and under obscure rules.

Ladies and Gentlemen! The Rules are not there solely for the Olympians and those attending the Worlds (where a Chief Measurer would be present to rule)!

If that's whom ILCA wants to cater to, let us know.

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Shevy Gunter
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I agree, the "kluged-on" nature of the new rules, are causing confusion. Even when they try to be VERY specific, the system fails. e.g the Photos of Vang parts:

Does anyone's Harken vang look like this? well, "sorta" shouldn't be the answer, unless "common sense" appears in the definitions somewhere, and I just missed it.

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