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Rub rail for 1988 boat


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I need to replace the rub rail on my 14.2 and need some help. There are a few threads about replacing rub rail but I can't find any specific information. Some have ordered from Catalina so I emailed them but no luck so far; the photos they sent were for their larger boats. Looked like 2 part systems - rail that attaches to the boat then rubber fits in. I sent them photos of my situation and they're digging.

Can anyone tell me a Catalina or Taco part number that worked for them? I can't find any photos still included in the rub rail messages on the forum, so if those are available that could be helpful too.



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Just replaced my rub rail on my 1992 14.2. Bought a Tassilmare Flexible Rub Rail from Jamestown Distributors. It cost about $185 and I had about 13-15' left over. It went on easily and looks good. I used the stainless steel self tapping screws with oveal heads. My screws did not fully seat because my drill may have had too much torque and spun the screw in the fiberglass instead of getting good bite. Where the screw did not fully seat, the rail has a little bump showing.

The two piece system has a flexible rail that was flexible enought to bend around the bow and stern corners without deforming. You screw it or pop rivet it in about 6" apart. The radius rubber cap slips over the flexible rail. Very easy to do and looks good.

Jamestown has a video showing the installation or you can go straight to the Tassilmare web site.