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Rounding up without broaching


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I daysail a Catalina 25 in coastal California. When the wind is blowing 15 kts or more and I am going down wind on a broad reach and need to head back to port I am having a hard time rounding up into the wind without excessive healing and the feeling that I am going to broach. Any tips or suggestions? I try to take it slow and head off on a beam reach for a little bit before rounding all the way up but it still doesn't feel very controlled. Swell doesn't make the maneuver any easier either. thanks


Upside down?
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Your description is not clear to me. I surmise that you mean 'heading up' rather than 'rounding up'.
Perhaps you are pulling your sail in too fast while heading up? It's normal for a boat that is heading up to heal more. This is counteracted by hiking (hard) and/or putting more weight on the windward side. Proper sail trim is obviously important as well, but I leave that to others.