Rope Boarding Ladder Instructions

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hello all --

In the handbook it's recommended to have a looped rope to aid climbing back aboard after swimming or capsizing. As an old geezer well north of 200 lbs. I definitely need this and was pleased to find these online directions for making a proper rope ladder, courtesy of an Aussie sailing website:

It's a neat little animation and very easy to follow. Really prefer the rope rungs over a simple loop as the loop will pinch on feet. The animation only shows 5 turns of the rope for each rung, I needed 14 for my big feets using 1/2 inch rope, and two rungs for 6'2'' height. Spacing the rungs to about 80% of foot sole to kneecap height seems about right.

Some old, funky salvaged mainsheet was nice and rough and cinched up tighty, it has aged to the point where it absorbs water however, and will need to be dried out or risk rot. Anyone know a way to waterproof old rope without damaging it?

happy sailin.