Roller Furler Sheet connection

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I am planning now for the warmer weather ahead. I want to replace the main and Jib sheets. I believe that I currently have the original (fat ones). I know that I haves een that they can be replaced with thinner ones.

I have a roller furler on th Jib.

What I would like to do is to get different colors for them to make it easier to distinguish which is which when they get into a pile.

While I am doing this, I would also like to make it possible to disconnect the Jib sheets from the Jib. This should make setup and take down easier. Currently I have to wrap or unwrap the sheets around the rolled up jib. This tedious and time consuming.

Has anyone done this? Suggestions of how/what to use to make the jib sheets detachable without causing issues while in use woudl be much appreciated.
Did you come out to San Diego a year or two ago and take some great photos of our racing?

Regarding the jib sheets, instead of wrapping them around the jib, you could just coil the sheets while leaving them attached to the jib. Would that work?

I'd go with some thinner line as it will make trackingthe jib easier. The original sheets were too thick and heavy to run smoothly.
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Race Visit

Yes I was there asd a guest of Brian Anderson andwas out on the start boat (can't remember the official name for it). I believe that you were also on it, at the helm mostly, correct? I had a great time.

As for the Jib sheets, coiling would probably work. Thanks for the idea....brilliant!! I already coil the last 3 or 4 feet because I run out of room on the jib. I will have to try to wrap a few times, bungee to keep it rolled up, make a coil out of the rest and bungee that to the jib.

I have about 4 more months to go before I sail again. I am also thinking of getting reef points put into the main. I sail solo alot and the wind on the lakes are sporadic (gusty). I would like to feel a little more in control so I would not be deterred from going out.

I also have new bungee for the swing keel to install. The weather is just not cooperating!

Good to hear from you,

Hi Art ,
I'm happy to hear you're still sailing. Make sure to let us know when you're coming out to San Diego and we'll get you on a boat if there's any sailing going on.