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Rivets to attach gooseneck to lower mast section


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Hi all,

Does anyone know what size rivets are used to attach the gooseneck to the lower mast section? Mine are a bit loose, so its time to drill them out and pop new ones in. Just want to make sure I get the correct size.

Thanks in advance!


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Measure the hole in the fitting once you've drilled it out. The right diameter for the rivet is the thickest that fits. For the length I'd use one that is as long inside the mast as it's thick (before installing) + one size up.

Bolting would be a bit of overkill, unless the holes in the mast have enlarged considerably. In that case, end-for-ending might be better anyway.



I would redrill gooseneck and tube to 6mm and put a 6x14mm rivet. You surely have the aluminium holes enlarged from the original size 5mm ( 3/16")