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are the rio tecna lasers beater then vanguard laser? also where can you buy a riotecna laser around florida usa?


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I had to look this up, but Riotecna is (correction: was) the Laser manufacturer in Argentina. You won't be able to buy a RioTecna Laser in the USA because LaserPerformance is the only manufacturer authorized to sell Lasers in North America.

Perhaps our South American contributors (Robert Scheidt, are you reading this?) can shed light on the question whether a RioTecna Laser is 'better' than a Vanguard one.


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You 'could' buy one in South America then do a personal import but you are likely to have to pay whatever import dues your country levies before Customs will release it to you.

As for differences between the different builders...we have been there before and in reality the nut on the end of the tiller makes a far bigger difference than the hull as most levels.


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Where is Dr Loser when we need him??????

Although having read some of the old threads in the politics thread is does look like the operation there is just a dealership. They may be PSA hulls though as opposed to LP hulls. PSA hulls are reputed to be stiffer (if you believe all the gossip)......


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Hi brothers.
I know that here in ARG we have guys that build not legal Laser boats.....mast, vangs, sails, EVERYTHING.
You ask if the BOATS / SPARS / SAILS / VANGS are better than.........
My pupils have paid u$s 3.000.- for a boat (with sail Intensity and dolly ), ready to sail....against u$s 9.000.- for a Laser Performance
Last week i was in the SEMANA DE BUENOS AIRES Buenos Aires Sailing Week) ...i saw a truck with 6 laser boats from Chile and they were made in AUSTRALIA

As you know, laser boat is 5o kg of resin..........and a big businness behind
If Robert Scheidt sails a Laser made in 1975, SURELLY he wins against me with a Super Laser Performance 2012

We have a great problem with our kids. DRUGS !!!!
We want to have our children sailing whit they use Laser as we can pay.
If my son wants to be a super pro Laserite, well i'll must buy a boat to my friends Heini & Jeff

If you are on vacation in ARG, do not forget that is the MORE EXPENSIVE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!

Take care !!!!