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Rigging Question


I went out to set up the boat today to be sure 1. I knew how, and 2. Everything was actually there and in working order.

Couple of questions....

1. This has roller furling, however it also has a forestay. In every other boat I have seen, they have one or another. I asked the previous owner who stated they both stay on. However his bride let slip they only sailed under main, so maybe he didn't really know. Can someone shed light on this, and also, how do you connect the top of the RF to the mast? Looks like a clevis may work, but still would be odd.

2. Does the luff of the main go into the slot a few inches from the boom? Seems like it would slide back down from the entry point in the slot. It appears it should, however it didn't want to go very easy and thought I would ask before forcing it into the slot.


Somewhat resolved

Looks like the old forestay is going, it only needs the RF. It does appear that I am missing a part. I see it only mentioned as the stay adjuster. Can anyone advise if this is different than the side stay adjusters? It seems like I have an extra. I may only be out a couple of clevis pins.
RF Q's

Hi bt224 --
I used the adjuster that had served with the stock forestay when I converted to rf, and found an inexpensive u-shaped anchor shackle at Harbor Freight to make the final attachment to the forward tang on the mast. Here's a pic of my rig, it's been working fine for me so far.

BTW it sounds like your PO perhaps wasn't very knowledgeable about the boat, so the maintenance may have been neglected. You should probably closely check the condition of all the standing rigging, especially the stay wires and the fasteners. There are alot of reports here about boats damaged when a stay snapped and the mast came down and damaged or ripped the maststep up off the foredeck as it went.

If they look old or suspect, it's cheap insurance to replace them, sometimes the failure point is hidden under a crimp or thimble. That's alot of weight harnessing alot of wind energy up over your head, even on these little dinghys. You'll be amazed at how much power you'll feel through the rigging in even moderate gusts if you haven't experienced it already.

The free handbook and archived posts here have been real helpful to me in the half year or so that I've owned mine, I'd highly recommend you get all up in both.

Hope you have lots of good sailing, :D

jim / 1857 / so. fla.




Thanks for the pic, that's what I needed to see.

I always replace standing rigging on an older boat. Cheap insurance.


Parts Ordered

New shrouds, stay adjuster, and clevis pins on order. Hope they get here before it cools off.