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Reusable Spray Can

I am planning to repaint my centerboard and rudder with a two-part paint (I have not decided which one). I have done most of the filling and sanding, and could, of course, ask a body shop if they could paint it with their quality equipment. I have seen some reusable or refillable aerosol spray cans, that can be filled with air (with a hand pupmp) and paint. I would like to try this (it is pretty cool if it actually works) but was wondering if anyone has experience with these reusable spray cans.


If you are talking about the Preval type of can, they do work and are really handy for touch up work. Getting the mix of the paint is the key, you'll need a bit more reducer then in a regular air gun setup.

Daggerboard is about as large as I would want to do with that type of sprayer.
I have known a few people who have talked their way into getting their blades sprayed by auto and boat yard sprayers for nothing more then a case of beer on a Friday afternoon - it's all about timing - if you find out when they are spraying a big job in your color of choice, and have done all the prep work, it's another 2 minutes of their time to lay down a few coats on the blades.


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agree with 49208. That's a lot of surface to cover with a little air pump.

I've used the disposable aersol cans you can find at hardware stores for thin touch-ups. Works well for light duty spot repairs to get a thin layer of gelcoat on.

Autobody shop on a friday sounds like a winner ;)


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I have used the Prevals with gelcoat and it was a major pain in the butt. I would seriously consider rolling and tipping Perfection or Awlgrip.

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I have just finished filling and painting my centrebord, I used a marine polyurethane (off white) and brushed it on one side at a time, with 2 coats. After 24 hrs I wet and dry sanded and it came up like new. The trouble with a paint shop job you still have to wet and dry it (faster through water) so there is no difference to a home job.