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Requesting Identification of Mystery Items


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Hey Folks... So I've done my best to search TLF for an answer but I keep coming up empty. 'Would appreciate any insight you might be able to offer.

Question #1: My boat has a single square of Velcro located topside between the forward most point of the daggerboard slot and the upgraded combo outhaul/cunningham fairlead. From the photos in his book, I've noticed that Paul Goodison had this same thing at one point in time. Can anyone help me understand the purpose of this? My hunch is that it somehow relates to a compass but I would expect that to involve a more permanent attachment. Velcro seems so temporary.

Question #2: So I thought it might be a good idea to stick an extended vacuum hose down the mast step to suck out any sand/grit from last season. Oddly enough, I suctioned up what appears to be a tightly compressed piece of cotton, presumably protection from the forces on the foot of the mast. This mystery piece looks much like a stuffing box gasket or perhaps a clump of very old and dried up paper towel. Thickness is approximately 1/2 inch. Is anyone familiar with such a product on the market? Seems like a great idea to me and so I'd like to replace it.

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#1, water bottle, or as you say, to do with the compass. I can imagine a little Velcro would stop the standard compass spider moving around too much.
#2, animal nest, or similar in the mast step, not noticed and compressed by putting the mast in, eventually gets compressed to the consistency you describe.


Re: protecting the base of the mast step, instead of the teflon disc, some people have suggested using the lid off a tube of Pringles, cut the lip off, and you're left with a nice plastic disc - and a tube of Pringles to eat as a bonus!! And a lot cheaper!

Could the velco be for attaching course notes? My sailing club have incredibly complicted routes that need writing down and sticking somewhere! In fact, that's a top idea, better than duck tape!

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I have a piece of velcro in that location. Although the outhaul and downhaul lines route through the compass and over the top of the XD bracket. They don't hold the compass fully in place. The other bit of velcro is on the bottom of the compass bracket. It just holds it far more steady. Its not moving around, when bouncing over waves.