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Replacement Mainsheet Blocks


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Hospadar, you can't use those blocks on a Laser. The boom blocks have to be either a certain Allen or Harken model. Viadana in general is a brand that I personally avoid due to past bad experiences (in another class).

LaserDad, I assume you're talking about the ratchet block. Which one do you have now and why do you want to replace it?


joe c

Can anyone make any recommendations on replacement mainsheet blocks? Didnt find much at Rooster - my usual source.
Usonedesign has stuff and those guys all race and cruise. Plus nearby. I like them. And budget is a big part of the equation. I usually buy the ratchomatics. About 110 to 115 bucks. Youll get a million different arguments answers here..I buy what's local usually or from vendors I like. West marine carries the carbos and there are 2 within 5 miles of me. And they have a nice sale once a year I try to scoop stuff up at. I got the last one from boat locker on sale for 105 bucks.