Replace gooseneck

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The goose neck on my 2012 Laser broke. It was a clean break at the bend of the flange for the rivets on one side. My previous boat also had a goose neck break in similar fashion. I wonder if there is a fault in either the design or manufacture of the fitting. It's a simple task to replace a goose neck: drill out the old rivets with a cobalt bit and install a new fittings with stainless steel rivets. My grip strength is not enough to close the handles on the riveting tool when installing stainless revets, but I solved that problem by resting one handle on the floor and standing on the other handle.


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Bicycle shops often have a large riveter or better: an air-driven rivet gun. Coincidentally, last week, I've replaced 4 rivets on the boom of a 'polyvalk' (a widely used training boat for Dutch sailing schools here in Holland), using Monel rivets. I had to use an oversized riveter with long handles... then someone came up to me and said: "Why didn't you take the boom to the local bicycle shop down the road from the harbour...