Repair badly damaged bow; PLEASE HELP

How did this work out?

First, we installed an access hole. We had intended on doing this before our accident, but we decided that this was an absolutely fitting time to do so. We cut back the damage a bit and then borrowed a grinder from my brother. After we grinded the damaged area back as instructed, we decided to go with the purple foam and gorilla glue method. As far as the deck shape/model, we used a flexible cutting board. Someone on another forum suggested this. Before we cut it though, we waiting for the aluminum trim to arrive so that we could accurately match up the shape of the nose tip. We used a hot knife to cut away and shape the foam into the shape we wanted it to be. My theory was . . . work a little at a time. You can always shave more off if needed, but it will be more of a pain to have to add foam to redo. After shaping with the hot knife, we did some very light sanding to really smooth out any rough looking areas. We glued on the cutting board deck piece. THEN, the rain and thunderstorms moved in . . . probably for a week! Ugh! Finally, after the rain moved on, we started with the fiberglass process. This was certainly a learning experience because we had never worked with fiberglass before. All in all, we are pretty happy with the result. We feel accomplished. I guess the real test will be how it looks after the paint job and finally taking our sunfish out on the water. We are so appreciative of everyone's encouragement and instruction. We couldn't have done this without everyone's help. Right now, we are trying to decide whether we should just sand and paint the whole deck or just try to paint the nose. This is a 73, so a new paint job would certainly spruce up the boat, but we are still trying to decide. We will certainly post more pictures after we are done.