1. spaceyjones

    1995 Capri 14.2 - First Boat, Questions on ding/gouge repair & barnacle crud

    Hello everyone! I'm new to sailing and the forum, and have been reading lots of the old posts on this page to get up to speed. I recently purchased a 1995 Capri 14.2 and had the pleasure of taking it out for the first time last week. By the time it was back out of the water I had a little list...
  2. Taxman45

    Sailing with a passenger

    I’m new to sailing and recently bought a new to me 1976 Sunfish and trailer. The Sunfish and sail is yellow and orange. We call her Marigold. We have a lake house at a smallish lake in East Texas. Our first couple of weekends have had light winds but that has given me a chance to experiment and...
  3. MarkSumner

    Questions from a first time sailor — Phantom 14

    I happen to live on a little 60-acre lake that doesn't allow gas motors. After picking up a canoe, kayak, and paddleboat and working them all to death (I may be the only person who has put more than 500 miles on a paddleboat), I couldn't resist a spiffy 1980 Phatom that I spotted nearby...
  4. J

    Basic Repairs

    I'm new to sailing and bought a 1972 Sunfish to learn on. I would appreciate advise on the plug at the bottom (its only a hole now) and recommended videos and resources of sailing, maintenance and repair. I'm lookig forward to this new adventure. Jeff
  5. J

    Newbie here has an embarrassing question

    Hello Everyone: Well, my hubby and I live in St. Louis, MO and we are beginning to think about the upcoming sailing season. We are newbies . . . period! We bought our 73 Sunfish at the beginning of August last year and took it to the lake for the first time about two weeks later. Well, to...
  6. Kal-El

    Repair badly damaged bow; PLEASE HELP

    My wife and I purchased a 1973 Sunfish last summer. It was in great shape and we cartopped it for the long ride home. We got it home with no issues and, after a few minor repairs and a new sail, we headed off to the lake. We are newbie sailors and spent the day practicing. After finishing...