Repair Advice, Tips, References

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It is time for me to give my old capri some TLC, and it just ocurred to me that I have no idea how what to do or how to do it. I am a pretty good DIYer but have no clue what to do when it comes to maintaining my boat.

So I am starting this thread to collect advice from fellow owners: could you recommend some books, websites, references? Do you have any tips, etc?

In my case, I am out of my comfort zone with the following repairs:
1) The outer hull has a few cosmetic scratches, and 2 spider-web blisters in the gelcoat. How/should I repair this?

2) I have 2 small scraches on the hull that are deep. They go from the bottom 1/8 of an inch of the transom and make a 90 degree turn around the corner to the bottom of the boat.

3) One chip on the inside of the boat, near where your feet would go. I'd like to fill and finish it too

4) The tiller has a dime-sized chunk of coating that fell off, I can see the plastic skeleton. Any ideas on how to fill and finish it?

5) Hardware -- I'd like to replace the spring/pulley/clamp thingy that locks my mainline, but I am afraid if I unscrew what is there, my replacement will not seat firmly in the existing screw holes.

Feel free to post your advice, even if it does not directly help me out, it might prove to be helpful to someone