Repainting the hull, what color

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My gel coat has gotten to the point that I need to refinish the hull and I am leaning toward something wild. My Hot Rod will be Lime Green with flames when it's done and I am a NOT powder blue type of guy...
On one hand there is tradition and the other?
What are your thoughts?

I'm with Greg, go with what you think is cool, just remenber she will get some more scratches and dings out there . And there is the classic Hot Rod syndrome of Custom paint / Resale value .

Sailing to me is about having fun, so go have fun !


P.S. (Off topic ) What's your Hot Rod ?
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Thanks for the input,
I am not concerned about resale, I will keep this boat forever.
Is there anyway to dye the sails another color? My sails are like new so buying new ones in a color is not on the table, I remember Hobie had the Tequila Sunrise sails for their cats. It would be nice to match the sails to the hull.
A painted hull does scratch more, my boat sat in the water at Westlake for a long time and discolored the hull, although it is in good shape it just looks bad.

The Hot Rod? 1964 Cadillac Coupe Deville. On hold due to the economy, closed my cabinet shop and went back to the Union hall, scored a spot with the City of LA so maybe in the near future the car will back online till then I will play with my Capri.
Dyeing the sails is probably not a DIY project , while Polyester can be dyed it is usually done with dye sublimation , done with a special printer . offers a graphics service they might have some info for you.

have fun !


P.S. I hear you about the economy ...


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Navy Blue is a classic color

I can't say any of my sailboats have been dark blue, but I have always admired those that are. Just my 2 cents worth.