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Hi together,
I have aquired a 1990 Parker 470 and noticed that it has a wooden stiffening profile made of wood under the traveler rail. The boat has not been used for quite some years now, but was located somewhere in the woods, only covered, not under a roof, so probably a lot of humidity there, especially judgeing by some of the screws and nuts ( never had a nut to desintegrate literally when trying to unscrew it ). Now, besides rust, I have the problem that some of the paint is gone from that wooden traverse and therefore I'm not sure how good the underlying wood still is. Now, the question would be : should I only overpaint it afer sanding or should I laminate it first on both sides with fiber and then paint it over. It doesn't look to be laminated now, and I'm not eager to do so, but if this would make it work better... Any other ideas are highly appreciated - I want to get on the water with my new boat ;)

Regards, Stefan
Sand off as much paint as needed to expose dry wood. Then let it all dry and see if you need to replace any material. Post pictures!

I thought that the post-1986 Parkers had glass-covered traveller supports, but I may be wrong :confused:

I managed some pictures of the traverse - on close inspection it looks worse than I remembered from last fall when I got the boat :


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Ok... the plywood pieces are of course glassed to the rest of the hull, but it's hard to see how far the GRP extends. Like I said, sand the damaged area to see what's underneath the paint. You probably don't need to do any fibreglass work unless some of the wood is totally gone.

That spot is quite vulnerable to wear and tear, as the spinnaker pole hits it every time the spinnaker is taken down. Do not stow the boom there like that :rolleyes: