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Hello Tracy or anyone out there in the know,
I know that the voting on the proposed new rule changes ended April 30th. Does anyone know if the proposed amendments were approved or not, or which ones were approved is any. I am interested in particular about being able to replace foam floatation with Cubi-tainers. My Kiwi boat 150087 has foam and I think it could be a touch water logged.
It is my understanding that they are going through the process of confirming that those who voted are class members. In general, the ILCA office does not keep a list of all members worldwide so they need to go back to the districts (or regions) to confirm if xyz is a class member.

I don't know the exact timetable, but I would think results will be announced soon.

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Thanks Tracy,
I'll keep checking the ILCA web site, if you hear of anything sooner please let me know.
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