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Breeze Bender

Breeze Bender
I just bought a brand new in unopened bag Ratsey & Lapthorn sail, vintage 1968. It is blue and white. I’ve never before seen one new in package. The only problem is I don’t want to open it! I want to keep it in a hermetically sealed bag, away from sunlight and protect it forevermore!
Then again, they say a ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not why ships were built. Does this sail need to finally be freed and feel the wind in its Dacron?


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Yeah...that's the stuff you wanna keep, takes up space, has no useful value in the packaging, and makes a couple extra bucks, if an when you sell it.
That said, Intensity sells a new one for about $120 and is probably a better sail, with a newer design.
Dear Lord, let that beautiful sail free! It was not made to keep that bag company. We have busted into plenty of Alcort parts bags when we want to, or need to. The rudder pin on ZIP came out of an Alcort bag.


Feel the wind!!
I see both sides, for sure, but I really don’t need the sail, I’ve got several, and I just don’t think I’ve got the nerve to open it! Sounds crazy, I know, saving things for “someday” makes less sense as I get older (and older) but... for now, I’m going to keep it safe. I’ve got a new in bag rudder pin, too, SC, and a new DePersia bailer. Maybe I’ll open a museum. I also love the idea of all of us getting together with our vintage boats. Wish that was feasible!
One day, when I’m feeling really crazy, I’ll rip into that bag!