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I am i just bought a laser with none of the racing parts. I don't have a huge budget I want to get the intensity sails parts that are not race legal, but my mother thinks that we should wait until we can get the race legal parts. I only plan on racing my laser in my club. The club is okay with using non race legal parts. I plan on racing my 420 not my laser in real races. Can someone give me their opinion.

Thanks, Vince


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Race it as a classic laser. It's not a requirement that you have all the bling to race one. If you need a new sail, and your club allows altenate vendors, then there is *no* doubt about what I'd do.. get an alternate vendor sail and learn racing. Also, the site has many posts on making 6:1 cunninghams and high ratio vangs w/o spending the $500 that the vendor built ones cost.

Also, getting out with your classic laser will allow you to view what others are doing in rigging. The olympic boats are all the same, all shiney, all new.. but your local fleet prolly has at least one master that has a perfectly legal rigged laser that has none of this stuff on it. So it's a great learning experience.

You will be really pleased when you pass a blinged out boat in your classic laser because you paid attention to the wind and not the fancy stuff.


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It's easy to modify the outhaul and cunningham for effective improvements. Just search around, you'll find simple two block cunningham improvements all over the place. Total cost, a bit of line and 25 bux in blocks.

Same for outhaul. You can lead it to the cockpit or just leave it where it is for the present and put some mechanical advantage in the system by adding blocks where they are legal. One at the clew with a hook and a clewstrap would be a great start, using the same cleat as the boat was originally designed with. Another 2:1 can be added downstream of that using one more block with a becket and youre beginning to compete with the high dollar folks and you still have not broken the 60 $ mark.

If you search this forum, you will find a vast collection of ideas for all the major controls that will not break the bank, and will still be legal.

Good luck.