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The sunfish that I'm refurbishing didn't have a proper eye strap for the ratchet block so I'm installing one. What is the difference between the two eye straps in the photo.
Which one would be better to use for the ratchet block?



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The one on the left is pressed, and the other is forged. The screws you'd use would have a different shaped head as well.
The forged one would be better for a line or strap attachment, but since the block (presumably) is attached with a swiveling shackle, it doesn't matter.
I would choose the shinier one. (If in doubt, let the aesthetic factors decide :D )

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Alan S. Glos

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I agree with LaLi. The stainless steel deck eye on the left will be stronger and have a larger "eye" making it easier to install the shackle you will need to attach the block. The deck eye on the right looks to be one for a mainsheet bridle attachment point.

Alan Glos
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Thanks to both of you. I wouldn't have worried about it so much but they have different whole spacings. I didn't want to put any unnecessary holes in this boat..